By: Hope Heffernan


If you have ever tuned into a lacrosse game you have most likely been prone to the use of lacrosse lingo by the commentators, players and even the fans. Often times this lingo can retain to goals being scored to the equipment the players use. This language is often changing game by game and sometimes it can be hard to follow. Lacrosse is already such a fast-paced game that keeping up with the commentary is often the last thing on the minds of the audience. Yet, it can prove to be detrimental to the understanding of the game and the lifestyle that comes with it.


Through this segment you will get a quick recap on some of the best quotes from recent games and even have the opportunity to tell us your favorite on Instagram (@majorleaguelax). Hopefully through these short clips you will not only begin to expand your "Lax Lexicon" but you will also laugh at what some of these commentators come up with on the spot. With close to 30 goals being scored per game, these commentators have to think on their feet and MLL Press Box wants to recognize them for that.


Here are our first three Lax Lexicon clips from recent MLL games: 



“If he doesn’t make team USA there should be an internal investigation and John Danowski should have to appear in front of a court of tribunal lacrosse experts.” - Quint Kessenich

- Ohio V. Chesapeake (on Danowski) 6/2/2017

- Commentators of the game: Evan Washburn and Quint Kessenich



“He picks the pocket, he steals the lunch money, you gotta call your mom, she's gotta drop it off at the principal's office.” - Quint Kessenich

- Ohio V. Chesapeake  (Danowski goal) 6/2/2017

- Commentators of the game: Evan Washburn and Quint Kessenich



“The Wolf of Wall Street is back. En fuego.”

- Chesapeake V. Rochester (Wolf goal) 6/10/2017

- Commentators of the game: Steve Warzala and Brendan McDaniels


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