Just when we thought that spring was right around the corner... but all we keep seeing is snow snow snow! (Must be nice to be the Florida Launch this time of year...)  However, the snow isn't stopping these guys... as long as the field is clear, then these players are practicing. And as we all know, practice makes perfect! Players are starting to jump back into the game with training camp week, which is a lot tougher than we think. Let's take a look at what some of these players are up to and how they are getting ready for the spring season in this Social Media Roundup on MLL Press Box


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 We are not that only ones who think that a snow storm in April is crazy, I'm glad Greg Gurenlian agrees!!


Will Manny, from the NY Lizards, shares with us his true thoughts about how training camp week makes him feel...
 The Denver Outlaws are getting right back into it too and starting off their training camp week in five days, get ready!

Get your game face ready...Training Camp starts in 5 days. #LetsRide

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The Machine are sliding into the new season with a new look!! Yes, you heard that right, the team is coming out with new uniforms for the guys!
 The Launch sent out their roster for their training camp week and are getting ready to put these guys into action once again!
The Charlotte Hounds continue their countdown until the start of the season, which is only in 19 days! Can you believe it? We cannot wait!!
You can buy tickets now!! 
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