The calendar has flipped to December, which means most people are busy with holiday shopping and trying to perfect their eggnog recipe. But in the lacrosse world, this past weekend was a busy one for MLL players and the players they work with as coaches. We take a look at which players were hitting the field in the Social Media Roundup on MLL Press Box.  


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The Ohio Machine hosted the fourth annual Ohio Machine Lacrosse Convention this weekend, bringing together coaches and players from all levels of the sport in an effort to grow and improve the game in the Midwest. Machine players Scott Rodgers, Kyle Harrison and Dominique Alexander all spoke as presenters at the convention. 



In addition to his appearance at the convention, Rodgers was working with the next generation of goalies in New Jersey. 



Attention to detail separates the good from the great.

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At the same clinic (hosted by the Defensive Academy), Lizards defenseman Kyle Hartzell and Launch defender Tucker Durkin gave invaluable instruction to the young players. 




The Faceoff Academy hosted its National Showcase this weekend, so MLL players Brendan Fowler, Greg Gurenlian, Ben Williams and Anthony Kelly were busy molding the next generation faceoff athletes. 



And finally, Launch midfielder Steven Brooks took his instruction indoors with a great group of young players. 




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