Everyone was entering into this past weekend ready for an intense Football Sunday. The NFL held their Conference Championship games; the New England Patriots vs. the Jacksonville Jaguars and the following game the Philadelphia Eagles vs. the Minnesota Vikings. Some of the MLL players have their own opinions of who should’ve won, who did win, and the overall play of the game. Players have many different reactions to the big games and we recap it here in the Social Media Roundup on MLL Press Box


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First player, Chris Mattes, a former faceoff specialist for the Launch and current football ops employee for the Patriots, was spotted on the field after his team's big win against the Jaguars. Looking forward to seeing a former MLL'er at the Super Bowl! 


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While some of the players were not too happy to see the Patriots come out on top… Such as Ryan Flanagan, who plays for the New York Lizards and is a Jets fan...


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Greg Gurenlian, a passionate fan who hails from Pennsylvania, was excited to see what was in store for the Championship games on Sunday.


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Gurenlian recognized Eagles quarterback, Nick Foles, was on fire for the start of the game and never doubted the beloved QB, but he thinks that some fan might have…