The 2017 season has come to a close with the Ohio Machine lifting the Steinfeld Trophy for the first time in franchise history, after defeating the Outlaws in the MLL Championship on Saturday. Social media has been flooded with posts celebrating and congratulating the players after a well-fought battle in Dallas this past weekend. MLL Press Box takes a look at what everyone had to say in the Social Media Roundup. 

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Paul Rabil sparked the good luck posts by wishing two of his former Johns Hopkins teammates good luck on Twitter before the game. He started with Kyle Harrison of the Machine and finished with Matt Bocklet of the Outlaws. Although Rabil wished he was one of the players out on the field at the Ford Center, we’re sure his friends enjoyed the well-wishes nonetheless.



Champion Marcus Holman let the picture do the talking in his post-game Instagram shot. We agree with the MVP, no caption necessary…



No caption needed...

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Princeton Lacrosse congratulated both Denver and Ohio, as they had alums on both teams. Tom Schreiber was named 2017 MLL MVP for the second year in a row, after scoring 22 goals and 32 assists on the season, while Denver's Zach Currier had a powerful rookie season with 33 points and 36 groundballs. Princeton has a lot to be proud of.



Ohio goalie Scott Rodgers gave plenty of top-tier social media material for his followers to check out this past weekend. Listen to him discuss what it was like being a leader for his teammates, and particularly for Kyle Bernlohr, in a different way throughout this championship game and this season. What a great captain!



Will Manny congratulated the MVP, Marcus Holman, on Instagram after the game on Saturday. The pair are both assistant coaches at the University of Utah. We love to see MLL players supporting each other despite wearing different jerseys on their backs.



 Finally, Steven Waldeck had one very small fan back home in Ohio who was very excited that the Machine won the Championship...



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