The offseason is a crucial time of year for MLL players. They have to find ways to stay in shape without the benefit of organized team practices or workouts and every player is unique. They have to find a routine that works for their body, is benficial for their position and makes sense for their schedule. We take a look at some of those training routines in the Social Media Roundup on MLL Press Box.  


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Ryan Flanagan gets his cardio in with a ride on the stationary bike, although he's a bit reluctant. 



Thursday morning. I've never been a big fan of the bike but we have a working relationship.

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Outlaws middie Drew Snider is getting after it pretty hard with some medicine ball drills and ladders. 



 Kyle Harrison likes to hit the court for a game of basketball in the offseason. It keeps him in shape, and maybe when his lacrosse career ends, he'll make an MJ-esque comeback as a basketball player. 



This isn't really a serious workout, but Paul Rabil worked on his accuracy by blowing up some pumpkins after Halloween. 



The aftermath of Halloween. Smashing pumpkins. 10 for 10 šŸŽƒ

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While in Hawaii, Scott Ratliff pushed himself with a hike that resulted in some amazing views. Great photography! 



Till next year šŸ¤™šŸ»

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This last post has nothing to do with working out, but it was just too funny to ignore. Greg Gurenlian and his son, JaxBeast, are having some fun with a pumpkin. 




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