The season is approaching and the teams are starting to get ready to jump back into it. The Denver Outlaws, Ohio Machine, Charlotte Hounds and New York Lizards all started their training camp weeks and are putting these players to work. Let's take a look at what some of these teams are doing in their week of training and how they are getting ready for the spring season in this Social Media Roundup on MLL Press Box


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The Denver Outlaws geared up and headed to the UCHealth Training Center to start their week of hard work. #LetsRide



Training Camp Day 2️⃣ Here we go πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ

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2018 Denver Outlaws Training Camp is underway here at the @uchealth Training Center. #LetsRide

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This is what it's about. There is no "I" in team!! 
The Charlotte Hounds look like they had some nice weather on their first day of training camp week. Nothing will stop these guys..... #ReleaseTheHounds

We are underway! #releasethehounds

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 We get to see a little bit of everything through the teams social media pages, we even get to see into the Charlotte Hounds huddle.


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 And the Ohio Machine huddle!

Day two! Let’s get after it! #SheenCamp

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 Ohio is not going easy on anyone, not even their teammates!
Paul Rabil got the boys together for a group shot during the first day of Lizards camp. Looks a little chilly on Long Island...
Each day that goes by just means that it is one day closer to the start of an awesome lacrosse season. The teams are training and getting ready, while we count down the days until we get to see these players do what they do best... and play. It's an exciting time for MLL, the teams and most importantly the fans. 
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