The 2017 MLL season has flown by and the players are getting geared up for the final stretch. With playoffs right around the corner, we took a look at social media to see how players are sharing their preparation tactics. We saw them taking steps toward overall recovery and body maintenance, mental stamina, and physical strength - these guys are geared up and ready to go in the Social Media Roundup on MLL Press Box. 

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Florida Launch attackman Dylan Molloy tried out his first cryotherapy session, which is a new and popular method of recovery for athletes. The entire body is exposed to temperatures between -190 to -256 degrees Fahrenheit, triggering the body to reduce inflamation, improve circulation, and boost the body's metabolic rate. Sounds crazy, but whatever gets him game ready. 



First Cryo Session. Preparation for a big game tomorrow vs the Hounds. #321 #-184

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Ohio goalie Scott Rodgers hit us with a little motivation when he shared his list of qualities for being a powerful leader and teammate. This list shows that it doesn't matter how many games you play in a season, but it does matter the amount of work you put in for yourself and the team. Rodgers knows his role on the team and is constantly working hard - can't wait to see what playoff season brings for the Machine. 



Chazz Woodson gave us a #TBT over the weekend sharing his journey of returning to MLL. The Launch attackman took a two-year hiatus, but returned to the field stronger than ever. He posted this video on Instagram sharing that a year ago at this time he intended for his lacrosse career to be over. However, he put in the hard work and this is just a small preview of what we can expect out of this powerful player on the field. 



Myles Jones has shown phenomenal skill throughout the season - he posted a highlight reel to Instagram over the weekend and got everyone hyped up. Great motivation heading into the final stretch of the season. 



4 games left we're just getting started! (@ktdefeo38)

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