Super Bowl Sunday is the day all sports fans are excited for, sometimes even regardless if your team is in it or not. Philadelphia Eagles fans are itching for their first Super Bowl win and New England Patriots fans are dreaming of that ring that will add to a collection that won’t even fit on Tom Brady’s left hand. Boston and Philadelphia are both going to be roaring come 6:30 PM Sunday evening.

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I was lucky enough to get answers on who our own MLL players themselves are rooting for this Sunday. Greg Gurenlian, formerly of the New York Lizards, seems to be on both sides. Yes, that seems impossible, but hear him out. Being from Philly, he doesn’t want the Eagles to lose again. If that were to happen, he definitely doesn’t want his brothers to plunge into a pit of sorrow as a result. However, on the flip side, he told me that if the Patriots win then Chris Mattes will become the most decorated lacrosse player in history. Gurenlian and Mattes are both friends and business partners with The Faceoff Academy. According to Gurenlian’s opinions, or lack thereof, he might just be the calmest person watching the game on Sunday.




Drew Simoneau, midfielder for the Dallas Rattlers, is all for the Patriots. When I asked him who is was cheering for, it was no question. He said, “The Patriots, of course!” He is from New England and says he has been a Patriots fan for as long as he can remember. It seems pretty nice to have been a Patriots fan for life, considering the success they have had in the past decade or so.




Kevin Crowley, attackman for the Hounds, is placing his hope in the Philadelphia Eagles. Living in Philly for the past six years, Crowley has really embraced the passion people have for their sports teams in this city. If there’s one thing people know about Philadelphia fans, it’s usually that they are quite passionate. We will see if their passion will drive home a first Super Bowl win for the city.


This Sunday is most definitely going to be an exciting one. Come Sunday night, the weather in Minneapolis will reach as low as -1 degrees Fahrenheit. For the extreme New England and Philadelphia fans that are venturing out there, we wish them luck and warmth!


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